Employee Loyalty and Engagement (ELE) Solution

Disengaged/Disloyal Employees + Poor Customer Service = Lost Growth Opportunity


Your employees must be fiercely loyal to your organization as a place to work, the products/services they sell and to their supervisor as a person to work for to create and sustain a loyal base of customers. To become enthusiastic promoters of your organization, your employees must feel like valued members of a winning team pursuing an important mission.

"73% of what goes into providing a great customer experience relates to the attitude of your employees.”
-Oracle study


Employee Loyalty + Customer Loyalty = Faster Growth!

FranklinCovey helps companies measure, understand and transform the attitudes and behaviors of their employees. Our bottom-up approach empowers your employees to become highly engaged and your organization to become more customer-centric.

  • Measure employee loyalty and engagement with a short web based employee survey completed in 15 minutes.
  • Provide supervisor training to debrief survey results and develop action plans.
  • Deliver tools to help managers identify ways to engage their team to delight every customer regardless of where they work.
  • Identify areas of success and opportunities for improvement at all levels of the organization.
  • Improve loyalty through bottom-up action planning.


Behavior Change

Most companies measure employee engagement but struggle with taking action on the results. Measuring is the easy part; creating and acting on the results takes discipline and accountability. FranklinCovey has been helping companies for over 25 years to take the correct steps to change employee behavior allowing them to focus more on delighting customers.

Bottom Up vs. Top Down

Most companies take a top-down approach as a once-a-year survey to “check the box” saying we did an employee engagement survey. We flip this upside down and focus on a bottom-up action planning process to actually hear what employees have to say and make and execute simple action plans around delighting customers to drive faster growth.

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