How do schools implement The Leader in Me?


The Leader in Me is a three-year transformation process — the timeline varies in each school. Contact your FranklinCovey Education representative to configure your plan and get started.

The Leader in Me Implementation Timeline

Year 1: Establishing a Culture of Leadership

In the first year, schools engage their entire staff in a shared vision of the greatness and leadership that are inherent in every child and adult. They study the timeless, universal principles that allow people to realize their potential, and they make specific plans for implementing these principles in their school and classroom cultures.

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Resources and Support

Classroom Activity Guides and Posters

  • Levels K–6
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Establishing a Culture of Leadership


1 DayAll Staff

"The very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision." - Theodore Hesburgh

The overriding objective is to engage all staff and secure commitment to developing their own unique leadership model.

  • Set the "big picture" and secure buy-in.
  • Discover a new paradigm of leadership.
  • Understand a transformational leadership model that enables greatness.
  • Explore how other schools, both domestically and globally, are integrating the 7 Habits and other leadership and quality tools to achieve greatness.
  • Articulate pieces of the school's vision for greatness and the impact you can have.

Establishing a Culture of Leadership

7 Habits Signature Training

3 DaysAll Staff

"What I am looking for is not out there, it is within me." - Helen Keller

The 7 Habits form the roots from which a unique leadership model can grow.

  • Staff learns to apply and internalize The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®.
  • One of the greatest steps in transforming the school culture.
  • Gives everyone a common language that becomes the core of the culture.

7 Habits Certification

2 DaysSmall Team

Empower the school to sustain and continually improve its leadership model.

  • Build capacity to train new staff, parents and other stakeholders.
  • Institutionalize the habits through systematic renewal.
Establishing a Culture of Leadership

Implementation Training

1 DayAll Staff

"The world will always be stirred by critics but moved forward by models." - Dr. Stephen R. Covey

Focus turns to taking the 7 Habits and other leadership principles to students.

  • Integrate the 7 Habits and other leadership principles into the existing essentials: modeling, instruction, curriculum, traditions, systems, and environment.
  • Apply The Leader in Me process to develop specific 21st-century competencies critical to success at school, in careers, and in life.
  • Staff learns how to teach the habits and other leadership principles.
  • Staff learns how to assign leadership roles and create an environment of leadership.
Teaching Leadership with the 7 Habits
Teaching Leadership With
the 7 Habits
Establishing a Culture of Leadership

Lighthouse Team Training

1 DayLighthouse Team

"Leaders aren't born, they are made. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work." - Vince Lombardi

FranklinCovey contributes consulting, content, and tools proven to enable greatness, and the Lighthouse Team contributes the hard work, educational know-how, and specific application in their environment.

  • Approximately six staff members.
  • Responsible for ensuring smooth implementation of The Leader in Me.
  • Lighthouse Team drafts a three-year schoolwide implementation plan.
  • Align the work of the team on the nine Lighthouse criteria that evidence a great leadership culture.
  • Includes mentoring teachers, organizing school activities, decorating common areas, overseeing morning announcements, sending newsletters to parents, and training new staff.

Year 2: Applying the Tools of Leadership

In the second year, schools build on the foundation established in Year 1 and learn to apply the 7 Habits and leadership concepts at a higher order. They implement specific tools that empower staff and students, and they focus on effective schoolwide goals that produce results now and build a lasting capacity to produce results in the future.

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Resources and Support

Classroom Activity Guides and Posters

  • Levels K–6
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Applying the Tools of Leadership

Empowerment Day

1 DayAll Staff

"As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same." - Nelson Mandela

  • Understand a higher-order application of the 7 Habits and other leadership tools.
  • Create deeper leadership learning experiences for students.
  • Equip your school with some real-world tools and best practices for empowering students.
  • Learn the specifics about how to build Leadership Notebooks for each child. (Leadership Notebooks build on the foundation of Data Notebooks, but expand them to a more whole-child leadership tool.)
  • Learn how to help students set and achieve goals in the most effective way.
  • Explore a more empowering way to approach student leadership roles.
  • The use of leadership and quality tools, Student-Led Conferences, and helping students identify and apply their strengths also are part of this higher-order application.
Applying the Tools of Leadership

Achieving Schoolwide Goals

Preconsult + 1 DayAdministration and Lighthouse Team

"If everyone is moving forward together, then success will take care of itself." - Henry Ford

Apply the Year 1 concepts at a higher order with the Lighthouse Team.

  • Review the purpose of the Lighthouse Team in greater depth, assess the dynamics of the team and the roles of its members, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Craft a detailed schoolwide implementation plan for Year 2.
  • Learn about the most effective ways to identify and track school-level goals, including common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Prepare the team to effectively execute on the plan.

Year 3+:Maximizing Results

By the third year, schools are defining their unique signature. At this level, the training and consulting are customized to help schools achieve their vision and make a distinctive contribution. Continuous improvement is needed to maintain greatness, and The Leader in Me supports schools in an ongoing way as they adapt and enhance over time and as their influence expands.

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Resources and Support

Classroom Activity Guides and Posters

  • Levels K–6
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Maximizing Results

Customized Consulting and Resources

Please consult with your FranklinCovey Education representative.

How can my school achieve Lighthouse Status?

Lighthouse recognition comes because of the results a school is achieving and the impact it is having on staff, students, parents, and the greater community. It typically takes two to three years, but can be achieved sooner if school's make it a priority to achieve results sufficient to pass the Lighthouse review. The review evaluates the schools performance against nine criteria:

  1. A Lighthouse Team is in place at the school, meets regularly, and oversees schoolwide implementation of the leadership model with students, staff, parents, and community members.
  2. The school-campus environment reinforces the model by adding leadership-language displays and bulletins to hallways and classrooms that emphasize individual worth and leadership principles.
  3. Teachers integrate leadership language into school curriculum and instruction daily.
  4. The staff collaborates and works together to effectively build a culture of leadership in classrooms and throughout the school.
  5. The students are provided with meaningful student-leadership roles and responsibilities.
  6. The parents of students understand The Leader in Me model and the 7 Habits, and are involved in activities that support the leadership model.
  7. A system is in place for setting and tracking schoolwide, classroom, academic, and personal goals.
  8. The school sees improvements resulting from implementing The Leader in Me process, which includes measuring, collecting baseline data, and tracking results to determine how the leadership model is bringing improvements.
  9. The school holds events to share their leadership model with the community and other schools, and hosts a mini or full Leadership Day or a similar event that includes parents, business partners, and educators.