What is the impact?


The Leader in Me process is now being implemented in over 2000 schools worldwide. Schools are consistently reporting:

  • Increases in students' self-confidence, teamwork, initiative, creativity, leadership, problem solving, communication, diversity awareness, and self-directed learning.
  • Improved school culture.
  • Dramatic decreases in disciplinary issues.
  • Increased teacher pride and engagement.
  • Greater parent satisfaction and involvement.

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Download Westgate Research Principal Study
Westgate Research, Inc. conducted a study with 260 Leader in Me School principals regarding the impact of The Leader in Me in their schools. 99 percent of principals reported that The Leader in Me had a "very positive" or "positive" impact in their school and 87 percent said they were "extremely likely" to recommend The Leader in Me to another school principal.

Download ROI Institute Districts Study
ROI Institute, Inc. conducted a retrospective study of two school districts with eight Leader in Me Schools and concluded that The Leader in Me is being received favorably, improving the knowledge and skills of school staff and students, and helping students be better leaders at school and home.

Download Promising Results
This article is a sampling of case studies summarizing the impact of The Leader in Me on leadership, culture, and academics in several schools across North America. School case studies and highlights were collected in 2014.

Download Impact Praise for The Leader in Me
Statements from more than 50 administrators, teachers, parents, and business leaders giving direct accounts of the impact they are seeing from The Leader in Me at their schools.


Download Johns Hopkins University Case Studies
Researchers from Johns Hopkins University's Center for Research and Reform in Education provide coast-to-coast case studies of two Leader in Me Schools and the associated impact.

Download Cedar Valley: University of Northern Iowa & Hawkeye Community College
A third-party interim report, commissioned by The Greater Cedar Valley Alliance, regarding the impact of The Leader in Me in Cedar Valley, Iowa. Quantitative and qualitative data was analyzed by a team of education researchers from the University of Northern Iowa and Hawkeye Community College.

Download I Am A Leader Foundation Funders Report
The I Am A Leader Foundation is independent of FranklinCovey, and its mission is to promote character and leadership in students. The foundation published this report to its funders, and it indicates early success in achieving its objectives through sponsoring schools in The Leader in Me process.

Download Joseph Welsh Elementary, Alberta, Canada
Joseph Welsh Elementary in Red Deer has been implementing The Leader in Me since 2007. This case study reports the impact of that process on discipline, academic performance, and school climate. Findings include a 68 percent reduction in discipline problems, 100 percent of students achieving "acceptable standard" on English proficiency tests, and a reduction of the number of students not performing math at an acceptable level from 12 percent before The Leader in Me to 2 percent in 2010.

Download Harry Wong Writes About Staten Island School
When The Staten Island School of Civic Leadership opened its doors, it used The Leader in Me and 7 Habits as a foundational philosophy. Three years later is was named New York City's top school, as measured by The Department of Educations Progress Report. Read what renowned educational thought leader Harry Wong has to say about his visit to the school.

Download John C. Fremont Elementary
Despite its ethnically diverse, low-income community, Fremont Elementary came in number one in its district (out of 70 schools) on several measures evaluated by a federal team of "auditors." Students were found to start working more quickly, stay on task longer, and more quickly find meaningful things to do after assignments were completed than students in other schools in the district. Disciplinary referrals were down 60 percent, while reading, math, and science scores were well ahead of previous years. The federal evaluation team credited The Leader in Me and the 7 Habits for many of these results.

Download New York Pre-Kindergarten Dissertation
A condensed summary of doctoral candidate Loreta Andersen's dissertation at St. John's University in New York. It reports the effects of formal leadership lessons (based on the 7 Habits) and how they improved the positive social-leadership skills of pre-kindergarten students at a Leader in Me School.
To download the full dissertation, click here.

Download Empowering Students as Leaders in Alberta
In this white paper, researchers Shirley Steinberg and Xiang Li reveiw the literature related to student leadership development and find strong connections between The Leader in Me and positive school and student outcomes in the context of Alberta education.

Download University of Rochester Literature Review
Researchers from the Warner School of Education at the University of Rochester summarize research literature regarding systemic reform and social and emotional learning and their connections to The Leader in Me process.

Download University of Rochester Annotated Bibliography
University researchers identify 34 books, articles, and research studies that support the theoretical foundations of various Leader in Me concepts and approaches.

Download Quincy, Illinois Schools (Preliminary Report)
Some public schools in Quincy, Illinois, have "fully" implemented The Leader in Me, while others have "moderately" implemented the process. Full implementers show statistically significant improvements in reading and math scores over moderate implementers.

Download Thought Leaders in Education and TLIM
Extensive collection of books related to The Leader in Me concepts with abbreviated summaries, assembled by FranklinCovey's Judy Yauch.

Download Lighthouse Schools
Outcomes from a survey of 12 Leader in Me Lighthouse Schools. These are schools that have completed the full implementation process and have been designated as model schools.


University of Florida Camp Gator
Drs. Matt Ohlson and Jeffrey Dow describe the successes of their mentoring program. Working with college athletes, teaching them the 7 Habits and other leadership skills, and using them as mentors to K–12 school has ignited some impressive results.

Download Culture Change at Shutoku High School
The principal of Shutoku High School in Tokyo, Japan, wanted to change the school's culture. Specifically, he wanted to create a culture of mutual cooperation and mutual sharing of knowledge and ideas. He used a Japanese version of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, and produced strong results. This document contains testimonials from parents and students.

Download California University of Pennsylvania
In 1997, California University of Pennsylvania started a series of training sessions in FranklinCovey's 7 Habits course on individual and organizational effectiveness. For her dissertation, a doctoral student at a nearby university studied the effects of the training on the faculty, staff, and students. She found statistically significant [p>.001] perceptions of positive change in behavior on all 7 Habits.

Download Vision at a Puerto Rican University
The Puerto Rican University system serves 36,000 students and includes several local campuses, some island outreach programs, a public television station, and one university center on the U.S. mainland. To improve operational relationships between the main administration and the four autonomous ancillary institutions, the university system began training employees in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. There is now an increased awareness of the value of principle-centered leadership throughout the university system.

Download Independent School District, Texas
This dynamic independent school district adopted The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People in response to a performance review that indicated a deficit in parental trust toward district administrators. After implementing the 7 Habits, along with The 4 Roles of Leadership and The 4 Disciplines of Execution, student achievement scores increased, and parents now regard the district as the "district of choice" in the region.

Download Dreaming Big in Guatemala
After 36 years of civil war and a wrecked economy, Guatemala needed to find a way to recapture the optimism of its youth. Together with the Ministry of Education, FranklinCovey consultants taught The 7 Habits to 2,500 school teachers in all public and private schools in the country. Eventually, 1 million youth will be influenced by the principles embedded in the 7 Habits.

Download Organizational Impact of the 7 Habits on Schools and Colleges
Former professor of communication and current FranklinCovey consultant Susan Baile conducted a study involving 40 schools and colleges in the United States. After interviewing 140 teachers, administrators, and others, Baile concluded that The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People training course produced positive organizational, not just personal, change. The positive value of the 7 Habits for the following organizational components was confirmed: 1. Workplace Satisfaction; 2. Communication Between Employees; 3. Teamwork; 4. Organizational Goal Focus; 5. Conflict Management/Collaboration; and 6. Organizational Resilience. This document, written in 2008, summarizes the Baile study, and adds additional context to the value of the 7 Habits in the schools.

Download FranklinCovey InSights in Charlotte County Schools
The 2,500 employees of Charlotte County Public Schools in Florida are spread over 21 campuses. Geographic distances and budget limitations make it difficult for employees to keep up to date on training initiatives, particularly the 7 Habits refresher courses the schools are provided. So in 2010, the district adopted FranklinCovey InSights online training to complement the live training already underway. This short but "insightful" summary shows that Charlotte County was able to use online training to great effect.

Download FranklinCovey InSights at Lubbock Christian University
Lubbock Christian University, a private university located in Lubbock, Texas, uses FranklinCovey InSights video-based trainings in graduate and undergraduate courses. See what Kathryn Crockett, co-executive director of the Leadership Center, says about InSights.

Download The 7 Habits in Ecuador: Colegio Americano
A private school (pre-school through high school) in Ecuador found itself lifted back to sustainability thanks to the 7 Habits.

Download Klostermarksskolen, Denmark
In 2008, teachers and students at Klostermarksskolen in Roskilde, Denmark, began training in the 7 Habits. This was the first school in Denmark to do so. This success story summarizes the purpose and the results of the training. Ninth-grade students were the first to take the training, and other students are scheduled to do so in the future. The training has received positive evaluations from all participants.

Download Reducing Juvenile Recidivism
For several years, Judge Daniel B. Garrett of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has been sentencing juvenile offenders in his courtroom to read and review with him Sean Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. The result is that recidivism (repeat offences) rates in his courtroom are 2.5 times lower than the rest of Lancaster County and 3 times lower than some other areas of the state.


Promising Results at A.B. Combs Magnet Elementary School
Promising Results at A.B. Combs
Beaumont Elementary Culture Transformation
Beaumont Elementary Culture Transformation