There’s a world of difference between great, memorable leaders and competent managers. But not everyone agrees on what makes a great leader. Are they measured by their results, the scope of their responsibilities, their efficiency? When all is said and done, leadership greatness is defined by four primary outcomes: 1) sustained superior performance, 2) intensely loyal customers, 3) a winning culture, and 4) a distinctive contribution—the legacy that lingers long after the leader is gone.


FranklinCovey’s premier leadership program, Executive Leadership Summit, draws from the best thinking of global leadership experts like Ram Charan, Jack Welch, Fred Reichheld, Clayton Christensen and others to help executives achieve these four outcomes in their own organizations. It’s an intensive, five-day retreat conducted at the exclusive Lodges in Deer Valley, Utah, nestled in the Wasatch Mountains and minutes from Park City’s historic Main Street, offering executives the solitude, grandeur, and space to reflect deeply on their most pressing leadership challenges.

Executive Leadership Summit Overview:

Over the course of five days, participants will:

  1. Interact live with Stephen R. Covey, Ram Charan, and other senior leadership experts.
  2. Gain insights on current leadership challenges through open discussions with peers.
  3. Gain the “time and space” to focus on their most pressing leadership challenge—or opportunity.
  4. Increase their capacity to execute on and achieve their most critical organizational results.
  5. Learn how to create four essential systems that drive enduring, measurable results.
  6. Discover how to measure and earn customer loyalty.
  7. Learn how to achieve greatness and help others achieve their full potential.