Leadership Foundation

Preview the Workbook:

Preview the Workbook“

Core competencies for Leadership Foundations include:

Core Competency Participants will be able to:
Foundational Principles
  • Use the “whole-person paradigm” to tap into others’ full creative potential.
  • Define the 4 Imperatives of Great Leaders
Inspire Trust
  • Model honesty and integrity
  • Demonstrate character and competence
  • Create an action plan to improve trust
  • Understand the 13 behaviors of high-trust leaders
  • Increase influence with peers and direct reports
  • Earn respect of others
Clarify Purpose
  • Think strategically
  • Balance rigorous personal thought and analysis against team feedback and involvement
  • Understand the “job-to-be-done” (for the employee, for the team, for the company)
  • Improve business acumen and apply it to everyday work
Align Systems
  • Understand that success is in the systems
  • Influence a key system of talent—attracting, developing, positioning, and rewarding people
  • Adopt a key system of individual execution—getting the right things done
  • Identify “Wildly Important Goals”
  • Create lead measures that affect the goal
  • Build a compelling scoreboard to measure progress
  • Implement a cadence of accountability for results to peers and managers
Unleash Talent
  • Affirm worth and potential in others
  • Help others find their “voice”
  • Discover unmet needs on your team
  • Create value in your current role
  • Surface your unique talents and abilities
  • Define a personal contribution that is aligned with the team’s purpose
  • Manage performance
    Help others succeed by “clearing the path.”