Project Management: A Practical Approach ™

Preview the Workbook:

Preview the Workbook

Core competencies for Project Management include:

Core Competencies Participants Will Learn:
Foundational Principles
  • The four-step Project Management Process
  • Process vs project
  • Productivity Pyramid
  • Strategic Planning Pyramid
  • Right-brain/left-brain and whole-brain thinking
  • Project mapping
The Project Management Process:
  • Begin With the End in Mind®
  • Stakeholder needs
  • The Key Stakeholder Interview tool
  • The project vision statement
  • Introduction to the Project Task Map tool
  • Process funnel
  • Decision points
The Project Management Process:
  • Seven steps of project planning
  • Performance factors
  • Individual projects
The Project Management Process:
  • Time-activate
  • Integrating the project with other daily work
  • Integrating the project into the month
  • Communication
  • Meeting Planner tool
  • Review of simple projects
The Project Management Process:
  • Project evaluation
  • Problem analysis
  • Project priorities